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The four things our team will do for you:

  1. Implement segmentation, lead generation and lead re-engagement strategies, so that your investment is worth it.
  2. Improve your Marketing, Sales and Delivery process with technology, automation and strategy, tell us what you want to achieve and we will take care of the rest.
  3. Integrate all your Lead Sources for a centralized management of Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Clients in the CRM, so that not a single potential client is lost.
  4. Bring our experience of years in the business to increase your conversions and improve the customer experience.
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About our RevOps services


Expert team on RevOps Technologies

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Expertos en tecnologías para Revenue Operations

It is a dedicated team specialized in the implementation of tools for the operation of Marketing, Sales and Customer Loyalty in an organization. While consulting is a specific service with a specific objective or need of your organization, the Dedicated Expert Team will develop an entire implementation and/or improvement program for your organization.

Are you ready to change your customer experience forever?

There are five categories that every company must have in order to properly engage and serve their customers:
-> Service Software
-> Sales Software
-> Marketing Software
-> Middleware
-> Intelligence Software

Aligning your technology stack with your customer lifecycle operational workflow is not just a quick fix; it is an investment in the overall success of your business. Aligning the technology stack increases each team member's and sales organization's visibility into past conversations and key information used to advance the prospect relationship through the conversion funnel and into their ongoing experience with the prospect.

This service is based on a minimum commitment of 100 hours per month for a minimum of 4 months. During the duration of the program we will work as an extension of your team so that the results rise to the next level.

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CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Customer success and customer support software

Consulting on RevOps technologies

When it comes to RevOps (also known as Revenue Operations) and technology, most organizations already have the required software in their technology stack to support the process, but those just starting out will likely need the help of experts in these technologies to implement them.

Some of the more popular technologies we can advise on are:
1- Salesforce
2- HubspotActive
3- Campaign
4- Webflow
6- Zend Desk

Are you looking for a consultant to implement any of these technologies in your organization? Do not hesitate to contact us.

With this service we help you, among other things, to select the technological stack that will help you obtain the maximum revenue with the best buying experience for your customers. The selection of technologies will depend on your type of company (B2C / B2B), the market segment to which it belongs, the industry and your current revenue, among other things.

We also advise and/or execute the implementation and enablement of the selected technologies. As consultants we help you solve problems and points for improvement in your current processes through the technology you use for any of your Marketing, Sales and Service processes. When contracting the consulting service, you will be assigned an expert in RevOps technologies and you will be billed for the hours dedicated at the end of each service.

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Tech Stack

CRM Salesforce Expertos en Salesforce Salesforce Experts Salesforce Admin Salesforce DeveloperCRM Active Campaign Automatizacion de Marketing Active Campaign Marketing Automation Active CampaignCRM Hubspot Hubspot Marketing Hub Hubspot Sales Hub Hubspot Service Hub Hubspot ExpertsDesarrollador Zapier Integracion con Zapier Zapier middlewareWebflow web site designer Desarrollador web Webflow Sitios Web en Webflow Wordpress web site designer Desarrollador web Wordpress Sitios Web en Wordpress Wix web site designer Desarrollador web Wix Sitios Web en WixExpertos en Experts Sales automationZoominfo experts integration with Salesforce and HubspotChorus integration into your CRM and Sales toolsZendesk integration with your CRMSlack integration with your CRM Salesforce and Hubspot