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Coaching and Workshops on Agile and Scrum

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Software development team

Our CEO is a Software Engineer with years of experience in agile projects development. She is certified as a Scrum Master and also as a Project Manager Professional (PMP) so based on her experience she has developed an Agility Workshop as well as an Agile Coaching program adaptable to each use case for those software development teams or companies who want to start bringing the benefits of agility to their day-to-day.

The best of Scrum, Lean and Kanban so that your team can immediately start generating value faster and with higher quality.

Both the workshop and the coaching are completely personalized services according to the objective pursued by the client with this type of training. The most recurrent topics are: Scrum in the development of software products, Leadership in agile teams, Agile product backlog management, Tips and good practices to increase team speed, Agility without waste, Agility without losing quality, among others topics.

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Software Development Projects

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Gestión ágil de proyectos de software

We offer you an agile software development team completely dedicated to your project. Developers (Devs, Tech Leads), Testers (QA, SDET), DevOps, TechOps, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Team Lead, depending on the project's needs and budget.
We put together and coordinate the perfect team for you which will be executing all engineering activities during the project life cycle: Planning and estimation, Requirements capture, Roadmapping, Business analysis, Solution design, Architecture and development infrastructure, Deployment , Maintenance and Support. Highly qualified candidates accustomed to working in teams in a distributed manner following the agile development of projects as a basis.

Contract with a minimum duration of 6 months is required.

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Expert team on RevOps Technologies

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Expertos en tecnologías para Revenue Operations

It is a dedicated team specialized in the implementation of tools for the operation of Marketing, Sales and Customer Loyalty in an organization. While consulting is a specific service with a specific objective or need of your organization, the Dedicated Expert Team will develop an entire implementation and/or improvement program for your organization.

Are you ready to change your customer experience forever?

There are five categories that every company must have in order to properly engage and serve their customers:
->Service Software
->Sales Software
->Marketing Software
->Intelligence Software

Aligning your technology stack with your customer lifecycle operational workflow is not just a quick fix; it is an investment in the overall success of your business. Aligning the technology stack increases each team member's and sales organization's visibility into past conversations and key information used to advance the prospect relationship through the conversion funnel and into their ongoing experience with the prospect.

This service is based on a minimum commitment of 100 hours per month for a minimum of 4 months. During the duration of the program we will work as an extension of your team so that the results rise to the next level.

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Consulting on RevOps technologies

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Customer success and customer support software

When it comes to RevOps (also known as Revenue Operations) and technology, most organizations already have the required software in their technology stack to support the process, but those just starting out will likely need the help of experts in these technologies to implement them.

Some of the more popular technologies we can advise on are:
1- Salesforce
2- HubspotActive
3- Campaign
4- Webflow
5- Outreach.io
5- Zend Desk

Are you looking for a consultant to implement any of these technologies in your organization? Do not hesitate to contact us.

With this service we help you, among other things, to select the technological stack that will help you obtain the maximum revenue with the best buying experience for your customers. The selection of technologies will depend on your type of company (B2C / B2B), the market segment to which it belongs, the industry and your current revenue, among other things.

We also advise and/or execute the implementation and enablement of the selected technologies. As consultants we help you solve problems and points for improvement in your current processes through the technology you use for any of your Marketing, Sales and Service processes. When contracting the consulting service, you will be assigned an expert in RevOps technologies and you will be billed for the hours dedicated at the end of each service.

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Web Sites and Apps development

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Desarrollo de sitios web y aplicaciones

We use Webflow technology, a cutting-edge tool in web design, so that your website reaches the highest quality standards and improves its visibility on the Internet. We selected this technology due to its ease of use, its high configurability and the affordable prices it presents for the different market segments. We apply good web positioning practices and a 100% responsive modern design.

Whether you already have the design project or you are also going to contract it with us, the first thing is to assign the team that will work on your project. The preliminary study and budget is prepared free of charge and without any commitment, the first step is to register your project in the Contact form.

Something very important is that regardless of the type of website that you hire, an important part that we also implement as part of the service is letting you prepare the forms for integration with your marketing automation or CRM systems.

Depending on the complexity of the website that you require, we make the quote. For this we classify the websites into 4 categories that are part of the service of design and development of websites and mobile applications:

Basic informative website/app (static)

Simple static website with informative pages, without large amounts of content and with easy navigation. Static pages can be easily edited by you or your team.

Dynamic Website/App (Includes blog and other editable CMS elements such as services or products for example)
In addition to the informational pages that a static website contains, the dynamic website incorporates CMS elements that will allow you or your team to edit existing information or create new elements. The most common use cases are the use of a template and a collection of company products or services, as well as the blog section.

Basic eCommerce Website/App
Online Store, Catalog, Illustrations and Graphics. It also includes informative pages.

Advanced eCommerce Website/App
Online Store, Catalog, Illustrations and Graphics. It also includes informative pages. It includes elements of greater complexity and scope.

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Testing / QA of software applications

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Testing QA de aplicaciones de software

Our software quality specialists will plan, design and execute all the necessary tests to validate the quality of your product. Whether web applications, installable applications or mobile applications, we guarantee a thorough review and detailed documentation of the findings.

We use two fundamental test models:
->TADS model (Tests as a service for development)
->TAES model (Tests as an evaluation service for delivery)

The testing methodology is based on an adaptation of the ISO/IEC 25000 (SquaRE) standard, while the work methodology is based on the Scrum framework.

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Nearshore Software Engineers as a Service

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - desarrollo de software y aplicaciones a la medida

Dedicated programmers as a nearshore service (.Net, Python, Mobile Devs, Java, Php).

Other dedicated software engineering professionals as a nearshore service (QA/Tester, SysOps, TechOps and DevOps).

We carry out the pre-selection and the client participates in the final selection stage. This service is charged by hourly rate since we offer highly competitive prices in the labor market.

We also guarantee all human resource management since the contract is direct with our company: job stability, training, replacement if necessary, performance evaluations and work tools.

Contract with a minimum duration of 6 months is required.

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Business Process Automation

The easiest way to automate your work, No-Code required.

The most powerful End-to-End intelligent process automation platform for your teams.

AUTOMY is a cloud-based No-Code digital solution that automates business processes and tracks performance.Build to take a human centric approach to process automation.Designed for efficient collaboration among users, ready to scale and change with minimum disruption.

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