About us?

We are a software development and agility consulting company based in Cancun, Mexico, but our services go beyond geographic borders. We work 100% remotely with technology specialized in communication and collaboration to guarantee quality of service.

Our team has years of experience in software engineering and development with agile methodologies. Having worked on more than 20 national and international projects, we have individual certifications that guarantee the preparation and capacity of each team member.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions is named in honor of the character Casandra from Greek mythology, who could see the future, since we firmly believe that digital and through the Internet services are the future.

What do we do?

We provide consulting, coaching and training services related to software development and agility. Do you have a technological project in mind but do not have an internal team to carry it out? We are the solution!

We have the capacity, tools and knowledge necessary to Plan, Design, Execute, Test, Deploy and Manage any software development project.

Your project idea is safe in our hands, our clients confirm this.

How do we do it?

Our work methodology applies to any of the consulting services we perform, including custom software development, website development, application development and the implementation of technological solutions for Marketing and Sales.

We love Agile, Scrum and Lean, so we try to apply their principles and practices in our process. We follow the three pillars of Scrum:

And we complement it with these three principles:

  1. Good collaboration, good communication.
  2. Deliver high-quality value faster and faster.
  3. Experimentation and continuous improvement.

This is our process

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Estudio preliminar para elaborar oferta de proyecto

Preliminary Study and Offer

In this stage, an initial meeting is held with the client to understand their needs and begin to analyze the feasibility of the project, the budget, the areas of interest and the main requirements that the solution must meet.
We use questionnaires or interviews to collect all the information that will allow us to prepare the Preliminary Study and Offer to the client.All this for free and without obligation. Once an agreement is reached, we start the project.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Elaborar roadmap y backlog del producto

Establish an Initial Roadmap

This is the stage where together we prepare a Roadmap of the solution or solutions to be developed. For this we must schedule a workshop with key members of the team to identify technology gaps and start creating a roadmap based on their priorities, requirements and pain points.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Selección de la pila tecnológica o tech Stack

Tech Stack Selection

Once we know your process and your needs, we will design a technological proposal tailored to your needs. This is a very important stage as selecting the wrong technologies can affect the success of the project, while selecting the right technologies can help reduce costs and implementation times.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Selección del equipo de proyecto

Team Assignment

We already have an initial roadmap and technology stack, the next step is to select the best team to carry them out. For this, a match is made between the skills required for the implementation of the roadmap and our consultants. According to the contracted plan and the project budget, the team and the roles that each member will play are selected.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Arranque del proyecto de consultoría

Kick-off and Onboarding

The kick-off is the meeting that will start the execution of the program or project where we will present the team with the client and where the communication channels, the work system, the frequency of the check-in meetings as well as our initial plan will be established.At this stage we also need to enable our team access to new and/or existing tools. Some knowledge transfer of existing tools and processes (ex: workflows, sequences, automations, properties, documentation, etc.) may be required.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Ejecución del proyecto de solución tecnológica


From here all the stages begin to develop iteratively and incrementally. We deliver value to the client in short frequencies of time and manage priorities based on each feedback. As part of the execution, the Roadmap and the Backlog are updated as the program progresses. The design of the solution as well as its implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and documentation are activities inherent to this stage. From this stage we refine, plan and execute all tasks that are broken down from the roadmap into Sprints of 15 days duration.

CasandraSoft Tech Solutions - Etapa de cierre del proyecto

Delivery and closing

In the event that our contract comes to an end, we will initiate a handover process for the transfer of any work in progress, the documentation generated during the execution time of the program and, if necessary, we will transfer knowledge to your team.

Meet our leaders

Aleli Sanchez Mendez - CasandraSoft Tech Solutions

Alelí Sánchez Méndez - CEO
Sr Engineering Consultant / Agile Coach / RevOps Tech

I have been a software engineer for over 10 years and still feel like there is a lot to learn and experience. I love Scrum and Lean Startup but in the last few years I discovered a new methodology: RevOps. I have never stopped programming, even as a Team Lead or Engineering Manager, designing solutions through software is still my passion.

Luis Castro Rico - CasandraSoft Tech Solutions

Luis Castro Rico - COO
Sr Engineering Consultant / QA Lead / RevOps Tech

After more than 10 years as an IT engineer, I discovered a new world beyond data networks and servers: Software Development and RevOps Technologies. I don't see any other way of doing my job if it isn't in a collaborative environment and on a 100% technological basis. My position in life: "he who perseveres succeeds" and "it's never too late to start over".

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